Pain-Free Living

So you can get back to your bucket list

How is Ongoing Postural Pain Impacting your Life?

Sound Familiar?

Missing Out?

Giving up the activities at the centre of your social life?


Tired of spending time and money on treatments that aren’t giving you lasting relief?


Afraid that you might have to give up on your dreams because your body can’t keep up?

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Isabel Prystawik, Certified Cortical Field Re-Education® Practitioner

Welcome, I'm Isabel.

I get it: the pain, frustration, and worry. Trying to push past the pain, but worried you’re doing permanent damage. Searching for a real, long-lasting solution for your postural pain. Worrying you’ll never feel normal again, that you won’t be able to accomplish the things you still dream of.

I know it seems impossible right now, but easy, sustainable and joyful movement is your birthright. As a certified Cortical Field Re-Education® practitioner, I have helped many people return to pain-free living. I can help you, too. So you can get back to your bucket list.

Six Weeks to Pain-Free Living

Signature Coaching Program

In my Six Weeks to Pain-Free Living program, I help people who have tried just about everything and are still searching for a solution to their postural pain, get back to their bucket list. Together, we will replace your pain, worry and frustration with easy and sustainable movement, confidence in your body and optimism about your future. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

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Three Steps to Pain-Free Living

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Create the Plan

Together we’ll create a customized plan to get you pain-free.

Get Back to Your Bucket List

Enjoy your precious, pain-free life and do the things you were scared to dream about.

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Five Secrets for Healing Your Postural Pain

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