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At the beginning of class the other evening, my students said they would like to release their upper body pain. One student spends a lot of time at the computer, using a mouse and has wrist, arm shoulder and neck pain, especially on one side. The other student has a demanding job, and had been spending the week rushing to put her garden away while there was enough daylight and good weather. She had a sore back, shoulders, arms and feet. Both students also wanted to feel calm.

Throughout the lesson, I could see over the video feed how my students were learning how to detect their unnecessary efforts, asymmetrical movement habits and create more efficient, easy and pleasurable movement. My students were releasing their pain before my eyes.

As usual, the lesson lasted just over 60 minutes. Both students were amazed and pleased with how much change they had created. They used small, gentle movement to remind their nervous systems of where–and how–their bodies were holding the tension that created pain. With the tension released, their pain subsided and they felt lighter, relaxed and calm. I could clearly see how their faces were softer and more relaxed, and how their smiles were easier.

If you would like relief for your pain, be sure to book a “Next Steps” Strategy Session by CLICKING BELOW.

Free "Next Steps" Strategy Session

What would it feel like to sit down with a person who has training and experience in helping people just like you become pain-free? Someone who sees you as a whole person, and not a collection of malfunctioning parts? A compassionate and empathetic person who really listens? Someone who offers a real alternative to all the things you’ve tried?

You are just a few clicks away from experiencing exactly that. In my “Next Steps” Strategy Session, I’ll listen. I’ll take your pain seriously. I’ll give you honest answers. You’ll learn about working with me to become pain-free.

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