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Five Secrets for Healing Your Postural Pain

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Are You Tired of Hurting?

You’ve tried just about everything, and you’re getting scared it will be like this for ever

Pain is unlike most other problems. It affects every single element of your life, and try as you might, you can’t ever get away from it. It follows you, day in and day out, robbing you of the focus and energy you have for the people you love most. Draining the fun out of activities with family of friends. Stealing your confidence and resilience. Chances are your pain is even making you doubt your sanity.

Physical pain in itself is exhausting, sapping you of the energy and vitality you used to rely on. The roller coaster might be even worse. Just when you get your hopes up that things are improving and you take two steps forward, your pain sends you ten steps back. You start wondering if you should just give up. But would happen if you really did give up?

I get it. And I promise you there is a way to achieve a pain-free life. So you can get back to your bucket list.

Now is the time to turn things around

I’d spent so much time and money trying this therapy then that. I followed all suggestions, done all the homework. Despite my efforts, I wasn’t feeling any better, in fact my life was getting smaller. I began doubting my hope: should I just give up because I was fundamentally flawed? Was keeping hope alive really in my best interest?

Despite my pain and confusion, there was a tiny part of me that believed I deserved to life a life of freedom and joy.

Once I met my teacher and began to experience my own transformation from daily pain, and watched others change around me, I knew I wanted to learn more.

I began a four-year, 1,000-hour experiential training program where I not only learned how to heal my own pain, but how to support other people to do the same. I learned tools that bring people from pain and frustration to easy, joyful movement and confidence in their body.

Today in my “Six Weeks to Pain-Free Living” program, I teach people how to transform their body from a drain to a resource.

Imagine Your Pain-Free Life

Just imagine living your life, pain-free. To feel good, to have plenty of energy and to love your family the way you’d like. To have the energy and vitality to participate in the social activities that make you happy. Imagine transforming your worry that you’ll over do it, or that you won’t be able to keep up into confidence in your body’s strength and resilience.


Imagine bending, lifting, climbing stairs, getting up and down, doing things you used to enjoy with grace and ease


Work and play knowing you have plenty of ability and stamina for all areas of your life


Replace tension and worry with certainty and peace

Ready to Get Started?

I get it: you’ve tried all the things, you’ve followed all the recommendations to the best of your ability. And your postural pain still limiting your life in big and little ways. You’re frustrated because you’re not getting the long-term relief you’re searching for, and getting worried that it might be this way for ever.

Now is the time to take that first step towards the pain-free life you’ve been searching for. Click below to book your Next Steps Strategy Session so that instead of just managing your pain, you can get back to your bucket list.

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isabel portrait

Isabel Prystawik

Certified Cortical Field Re-Education® Practitioner

With a Bachelor of Arts and a Technical Diploma, and a background in coaching, training and facilitation, an 18-month internship brought Isabel to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. There, she studied Gestalt, the expressive arts, spirituality, and somatic modalities such as Esalen® Massage and CranioSacral Therapy. It was here that she met Harriet Goslins, originator of Cortical Field Re-education®.

Isabel is living proof that freedom of movement is a critical component to releasing the yoke of perfectionism and feeling connected and present.

Her own transformation ignited a mission to share CFR® with others. Today people hire her so they can alleviate their postural pain and get back to their bucket list.

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