Pain Relief for Equestrians

If you struggle with persistent postural pain, this class is for you.

Imagine riding and living pain-free:

Your nervous system is the key to your pain solution.

Spend 90 minutes exploring and discovering how to

  • use your nervous system to release chronic muscle tension that leads to pain
  • improve communication between your brain and muscles so that your muscles can function optimally and support your joint health in the long-term
  • learn how to create efficient, pleasurable, sustainable movement so that you can better respond to your coach’s cues and improve your skills as a rider

Choose one of seven Masterclasses which will be presented at different times of the day from May 3rd to May 12th. Book your spot through the calendar app above.

This invitation is for you, your clients and boarders, family and friends who suffer from persistent postural pain. Though the conversation will be geared toward equestrians, non-equestrians will get a lot of this experience too.

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