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From Sore, Stuck and Lonely to Enjoying My Pain-Free Life

I was trying to get through my days, doing what I needed to do, trying to stay positive, and avoid flare-ups. Beneath the surface, I felt broken and not-good-enough. I was stuck between pushing myself too far and sitting around, watching my life pass me by. I remember the roller coaster of keeping an open mind that each new therapy would bring relief, and holding my expectations in check to avoid disappointment when nothing changed.

At some point I even began to fear getting better. Pain had been such a big part of my life for so long; who—or what—would I be if I weren’t in pain?

Looking around, I saw family in pain too. I started wondering if this was just my inheritance, and then worried that postural pain would also be my legacy.

I began the four-year apprenticeship and became certified as a Cortical Field Re-education® (CFR®) teacher in 2009. CFR® profoundly changed my life: experiences that I had wanted but were terrifyingly out of reach were suddenly mine. I became joyful and enjoyed the company of others. I began to cherish time in nature and noticed how exercise nourished me. I was able to use my body in ways so that I remained injury-free.

Where physical activity had been another part of my struggle, in 2016 at the age of 42, I became an athlete. I remain thunderstruck that physical activity has not only become enjoyable, it has become a refuge and a source of renewal. Cortical Field Re-education® has given me the tools to ward off the aches and pains that pave the way toward aging.

At nearly 200 pounds, I run on the road and trails, hike, road bike, and swim in the pool and open water up to 10 kilometres at a time. I lift weights year-round and in the winter I love to cross-country ski. I remain injury-free and I’m confident to try new activities and sports, knowing i can move efficiently and sustainably. On the odd occasion I have a mishap, I use the same tools I teach my students: movement that heals.

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isabel portrait
isabel portrait

Isabel Prystawik

Certified Cortical Field Re-Education® Practitioner

Isabel Prystawik is a movement teacher who helps people heal from postural pain. Instead of using traditional pain management methods, Isabel teachers her students how to use curiosity and awareness to drastically reduce pain and move with ease and joy.

An 18-month internship brought her to the Esalen Institute, a world-famous retreat centre in Big Sur, California. There she was introduced to the expressive arts, Gestalt and somatic modalities such as Esalen® Massage, Craniosacral therapy and met Harriet Goslins, originator of CFR®. At Esalen it became Isabel’s mission to share CFR® with others

Isabel is living proof that freedom of movement is a critical component to releasing the yoke of perfectionism and feeling connected and present to the joys of life.

Her own transformation ignited a mission to share CFR® with others. Today people hire her so they can alleviate their postural pain and get back to their bucket list.

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